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About Exam Assist

Stichting ExamAssist unburdens exams!

ExamAssist is specialized in the supervision and execution of exams.

We are the full service provider to educational institutions during the execution of exams and the certification process.

At ExamAssist professionals, experts and companies work together to offer a package of facilities for unburdening exams to educational institutions. ExamAssist guarantees a strict separation between the realization of the exam results and the education part, both in organization and in person:

  • The educational institution realizes the educational quality;
  • The exam committee of the institution guarantees the exam and diploma quality;
  • ExamAssist provides separate exam services within this process.

ExamAssist is the ‘linking pin’ to both the education and the exam side for educational institutions, in a way they are unburdened and also assured of a sound quality system: Educational institutions can meet all the requirements demanded by the Inspectorate of Education.

In addition to a total package, ExamAssist offers several customized services for educational institutions:

  1. Training courses
    Quality improvement and quality assurance for all type of officials in the supervision and execution of the exam process. For example: Member of the exam committee, exam constructor, examiner, training company supervisor, etc;
  2. Exam services
    Construct and appoint different types of exams, digital and online exams, supplying officials for the supervision and execution of the exams;
  3. Certification
    Certification of persons and processes are key for guaranteed quality. ExamAssist trains people in order to gain the required skills. Certification is done by an independent partner.
  4. Projects & Consultancy
    Total unburdening in exams and exam co-ordination are examples of our projects and consultancy programmes. Mediation and the deployment of an independent appeal committee are also part of our services.

At our training site in Hegelsom (The Netherlands) we have several training and examining rooms.